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Welcome to the site of MegaFruit OOD – your door to high-quality seeds and fresh fruit! With over 28 years of experience and our own modern factory, we offer a variety of products including sunflower strips, seeds and certified cherries and plums. Our mission is to provide reliable and safe solutions for your agricultural needs.

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Our Commitment to Quality

At MegaFruit, our production combines tradition and innovation, providing you with carefully selected and quality products. With technological excellence and strict control at every stage, we guarantee freshness and taste in every package that bears our name.

Sunflower processing

The sunflower processing process combines old traditions with modern technologies. Our production team, made up of experienced specialists, takes care of the careful preparation and processing. The sunflower seeds are carefully cleaned and sorted, removing all defects.

We use high-tech machines and automated systems that ensure accuracy and efficiency in every stage of processing.



Specially grown in our cherry orchards


Carefully selected from our orchards

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