The company also has its own orchards, located on an area of 340 decares of permanent plantations of selected varieties of cherries and plums. We have technology to take care of the gardens according to all the requirements of today’s agroscience, investing in anti-freeze equipment and an automated line for processing, sorting, calibrating, calming and packing the fruit.


annual production

The cherry varieties are “Van”, “Bing” and “Summit”.


annual production

The varieties of plums are “Chachanska lepotitsa”, “Stanley”, “Nancyska Mirabelle”

Nancyska Mirabelle

Mirabella is a small golden-yellow variety of plum, prized for its pleasant aroma and sweet taste with light hints of honey. These fruits are known for their thick yellow flesh and are used both for direct consumption and for compotes, nectars, rakia, liqueurs and drying.

The fruit market

Our traditional fruit markets are the big chains in the country as well as for export. The produce from the orchards is certified by Global GAP, the standard is aimed at ensuring product safety, pesticide control, environmental protection, effective monitoring system and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for workers. MEGAFRUIT OOD has a BSCI social certificate. The company has its 28 years of experience, skills and capabilities and is looking to expand markets while focusing its efforts on wholesalers and distributors.